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About TigerGreen

TigerGreen is involved in most aspects of Environmentally Friendly living. We specialise in Consultancy backed by the self-help on our website. After several years of intent, this site was started at the beginning of 2010; it aims to give guidance to both individuals and small communities. We all need to work for a Balance in all aspects of our lives, and this is what TigerGreen aims to facilitate.

The expertise within the company and its contacts covers a range of topics, all of which are allied to meeting new energy targets, with the associated reduction in personal Carbon Footprints, and utilization of resources in the most environmentally and energy saving manner. Where possible the companies advertised on this site all use renewable and sustainable energy to power all or a part of their enterprises.

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About the founder

Alison was born and raised on a stock farm, on the shores of Lough Erne, in the rural Ireland of the 1950s and 1960s. In the early days all farms used wood for heating, some had a small wind turbine for lighting, but most relied on hydrocarbons in the form of Paraffin or TVO and Petrol to power a generator. The coming of Mains Electricity did away with most of the wood use and all of the small Wind turbines on handy poles, as well as the direct use of hydrocarbons, except that for vehicle fuel.

Training in land management issues continued with a BSc Hons. degree in Agriculture (all aspects of it!) at UCNW and this was followed in 1992 by an MSc in Environmental Sciences at TCD. The latter covered both Botanical and Zoological considerations of changes to air, land and water masses; together with consideration of the ways of utilizing Renewable Energies with the aim of phasing out use of fossil fuels and avoiding use of Nuclear Power - yet another non-renewable energy source with waste that is hazardous for a very long time.

Other related training over the years has covered: Education (PGCE, 1986); the Pruning of Fruit trees (2008); Herbalism (2010) amongst others. These, and work in related areas; mean that TigerGreen is now well placed to cover not only the mix of Renewable Energy sources, technologies, manufacturers and suppliers, but also of related issues e.g.

  • Energy generation.
  • A mix of potential energy saving technologies for use with old and new buildings.
  • Minimization of Resource use.
  • Low input yet effective environmental wildlife (plant and animal) management for the working farm.
  • Self Sufficiency
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About the Services offered

I can help you assess the best combination of actions for your personal or business circumstances. This will put you in a position to direct suppliers and installers to provide what is best for you, rather than just what they happen to have in stock. All the top manufacturers are happy to supply to demand; and since the cost of even a job-lot item is high, it is worthwhile investing in the best available technology, which may well not be what they bought in 10 years ago.

TigerGreen - There is no charge for correspondence by e-mail or phone enquiries/discussions - just like the website, such information is freely given. However, if your project is too large or too complicated to be dealt with from a distance, then a visit may be appropriate. We can: prepare a report on our discussions and seek out further information unique to your situation.

If contacting via Skype please mention TigerGreen and give approx. times when you will be signed on.

Charging for a visit will be largely dependent on the distance travelled and the time spent on the specific job. So if you would like a visit and know of others in your area, then a combined visit will result in savings to all!

Please mention TigerGreen whenever you contact any of our linked Top Providers, Suppliers and Contractors.