Energy Saving

This section deals with the things that one can do to reduce the mains energy used throughout the home on the large scale. The Building related & Other sub-section deals with: some problems in building design that affect energy use; use of Combi Boilers; and Energy Saving tips, for the use of gadgets in the home, that have been used as Top Tips on the Home page.

Heating our Homes

If our homes are kept at 10°C or 50°F then they will not suffer from condensation, and clothing can be used to keep us feeling comfortably warm. However, the population is told that their work environment should be kept at 20°C ­ used to be only 60deg F! and so most of the under 50s believe that they must keep their homes at this temperature or the cold will make them ill, if not dead! Result: the proportion of our energy use, expended on heating the population, is increasing faster than anticipated even 20 years ago; and far faster than in 1976 when changes in the climate first became obvious to biological scientists. As a friend says "Microbes produce at a higher rate in a warm environment. Bring on the fluffy jumpers and wooly socks!" Keep your energy consumption down.

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