Energy Saving Gadgets

energy meters provide a clear perspective on just how much energy a household is using

Just the visual impact of seeing the effect on the bill of leaving the lights on, can be enough to persuade the offenders to turn them off! - An Energy/Electricity Meter provides that visual clue.

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Energy Saving meters will give you an idea of the current usage of electricity from the Grid, in the house. They will also be fitted with any renewable energy systems that you install, in order to show you just how many kilowatt hour equivalents (kWh) your solar panel or ground source loop etc. is producing; in the latter case it will display the kilowatt equivalents that you would have been using to heat the house/radiators with electricity.

Energy meters come in all sorts of sizes and functionality - some are even made to look ornamental. They all come in two parts, with a gadget to be clipped around the input cable to the house or appliance, and a wireless display unit that can be placed in a convenient site in the house.

The simplest meters measure the electricity being used in the house as a whole, and one deduces the amount being used by a specific appliance by turning it off! Even appliances left on standby are using electricity, and if there are several in a house, this can amount to a sizeable part of your bill, if the appliances are not switched off at the wall socket. They can also be set with the cost per unit (1kWh), thus giving one a continuous over-view of the pending bill.

Next in price and usefulness come those that can measure the electricity use of individual appliances, as well as the overall usage. So one could clamp it around the flex to an 'overworked' kettle or TV etc. to demonstrate the savings made by making tea for everyone, rather than just going for a personal brew up.

Prices range from £28.00 for the simplest; to £45.00 for a meter that can be used on specific appliances; to over £100.00 for those whose designers consider them to be an asset to the home décor.

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  • Save Energy - Save Oxygen - Save Money
  • Electricity costs soaring with the use of a tumble dryer; or central heating on to dry clothes, and the house full of damp air.

    This well tried and tested design does the job even in the worst of weather using only wind energy, and has been used both for family homes and hotels.

    Check out the Shieling Dryers from the Isle of Mull at ( I have seen them in action on a really exposed campsite, but they will also work in even a small garden, provided you can make use of the wind!

  • Consider installing Instant Water Heaters (also called ‘direct fired water heaters‘) for your kitchen sink and bathroom (bath and basin taps, and shower). This will mean that you only need to heat the water you need to use, as you want it. No more worrying about heating a tankful that sits in your cold roof space and cools unused. Of course, this means that your hot press/airing cupboard will get absolutely no heat from the immersion tank; but then if it was lagged with foam, it did not release enough heat to air clothes anyway.

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