This includes energy obtained from all non-fossil organic sources i.e. anything that grows, be it plant or animal. Currently there are 3 main ways in which this organic matter can be used to produce energy viz. Bio-mass, Bio-fuels and Anaerobic Digestion. In UK the first two are considered separately. However, in the rest of the world the distinction is blurred as most biomass crops can be used for electrical, heat and liquid fuel production given the appropriate technology. For the purposes of this UK website, I have considered them separately.

Under the new RHI Premium Payments Scheme (RHI = Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme), the Energy Savings Trust is to run an initial scheme to be put in place from 1 August 2011 to March 2012. In this £12million scheme any householder can receive the following for their main home, providing that they have 250mm of insulation and cavity wall insulation if appropriate:

  • a £300 voucher towards solar thermal technology,
  • a £950 voucher for a biomass boiler for homes not heated by gas from the grid
  • a £850 voucher for an air source heat pump or
  • a £1250 voucher for a ground source heat pump

NBThis scheme is cash limited, so it is a case of first-come, first-served. However, it is anticipated that from next year the scheme will be extended. The first link will take you to the site from which you can apply for the RHI premium vouchers. and the next link takes you to a list of sites from which you can delve deeper into DECC's schemes.

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