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When to contact TigerGreen

We are happy to visit you; prepare a report on our discussions; or simply talk through the possibilities over the phone. If contacting via Skype please mention TigerGreen and give approx. times when you will be signed on.

So contact us when:-

  • you have a land management, environmental or wildlife question on which you would like qualified independent advice. I specialize in natural/wild and farmed ecosystems.
  • You would like to save on your energy bills by installing some form of Renewable Energy, but are not quite sure what the possibilities are for your home, whether in the town or the country.
  • You would like more information on any of the Energy technologies and costings mentioned on the website
  • You have an Energy Generation Tip that you would like to make available to others on the website.
  • You would like to comment on a company that has done a good job for you.
  • You would like to share your experience of building designs that do or do not save on energy.
  • You are not quite sure what/what more you can do to save resources in your home.
  • You have a Resource Saving Tip that you would like to share on the website.

Information on TigerGreen and the Founder can be found under the Environmental Services Section.