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Energy gains with height -

For Small Domestic wind turbines: the airflow at ground level is continuously deflected by trees, buildings, and the surface roughness of humans and their vehicles. Even animals, crops, neighbouring boats and the very surface of the sea create enough surface roughness to affect wind speed. The effect of all this is to reduce the air flow close to the ground; and in terms of wind turbines - both horizontal and vertical axis machines - this equates to a loss of power. Most boats use small wind turbines sited as high as possible, to keep the fridge working and the batteries topped up without using expensive fuels. Where possible these are mounted on or near the top of a mast; because, although they may require adjustments to the rigging, it has been found that a wind turbine at 20feet supplies only 80% of the energy supplied by one at 30feet. The same applies to a small domestic wind turbine in your garden!


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